The Eiden


The 48 HOUR RAISATHON has hit over 100% of the goal !!

Our Story

The Eiden Project is a 501c3 building fund established to sup- port the construction of a spiritual, educational, and social complex for our rapidly growing Pico/Robertson Jewish com- munity.

Affordable housing opportunities have compelled a number of young Jewish families to relocate near South La Cienega; thus, our diverse community was born. In just over five years, we have established a thriving synagogue with both Chabad and Sephardic Minyanim, founded a successful Jewish Montessori New Learning Center, and outgrown three locations.

We are now launching the next phase of our mission. Our goal is to erect the most unique, multifaceted Jewish community center in the Greater Los Angeles area, offering an expanded synagogue and preschool, fully functional social hall, and stand-alone Mikvah for women – in one inclusive structure.

Community Center

Our social hall will serve as a treasured cultural center for the Los Angeles community, providing versatile spaces for occasions both large and small. The facility will feature comprehensive services and state-of-the-art amenities, including two fully equipped catering kitchens.


The mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha is central to the Jewish people as its observance brings holiness and purity into the lives of families. Our goal is to erect a discreet and luxurious women’s Mikvah with five-star amenities, integrated with a mobile reservation system.

The Jewish Montessori

With 65 children in attendance and an extensive waiting list, The Jewish Montessori Learning Center (TJM) is renowned for its nurturing environment and innovative approach to education. The TJM staff is dedicated to providing an active setting where children are excited to learn and grow.

Chabad Shul

Rabbi Avraham Zajac currently heads Chabad of South La Cienega (Sola), and does so with clear leadership. The Sola congregation has outgrown three locations in less than 5 years. Attendance on Shabbat and High Holidays is beyond capacity, and there are no membership dues.

Sefardic Minyan

The Sephardic Minyan has brought acclaimed cantors from around the world to lead Shabbat and high- holiday services. Sephardic supporters of Chabad are able to retain their cultural history, and pass on their beautiful melodies and customs to the next generation.

The Jewish Montessori Learning Center

The Jewish Montessori Preschool Promotes a Loving, Child-Centered Environment

The Jewish Montessori Learning Center

What is the Montessori Education difference?

Imagine an education system that trains students to be creative innovators and leaders without the use of grades, tests or homework.

The  Montessori Education is taught in a loving and child-centered environment where children are excited to learn and grow. The  Montessori Education believes  in respecting the uniqueness of each child, and strives to foster critical thinking and self-expression, by nourishing individual and innate curiosities.

The Montessori Methods, are based on the following seven pillars of self-directed learning. These also apply to adults who wish to become more creative, adaptable and self-motivated:

  1. Independence
  2. Responsibility
  3. Self-Discipline
  4. Leadership
  5. Initiative
  6. Academics
  7. Lifelong Learning

With 65 children enrolled and over 50 children on a wait list, The Jewish Montessori Learning Center has already made a name for itself in Los Angeles

At our Jewish Montessori Learning Center (TJM), we understand the importance of bringing yiddishkeit to life through hands on projects and experiences.

Our teachers are dedicated to guiding each student towards a customized and individualized educational path, using progressive materials to achieve academic excellence. We take a holistic approach to education, where Jewish and secular studies are interwoven into the curriculum using creative and tangible concepts,

All this maximizes their excitement to learn, grow and prepare them for 21st Century challenges and beyond.

“A truly educated individual continues to learn long after he leaves the classroom because he is motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

A Treasured Cultural Center for the Los Angeles Community

Providing Versatile Spaces for Both Large and Small Occasions

A Social Hall and
Commercial Kitchen

Our social hall will serve as a treasured cultural center for the Los Angeles community. The facility will provide versatile and elegant spaces for large and small occasions and will feature comprehen- sive services and amenities, including state-of-the-art technology and two catering kitchens.

The Mikvah Has Offered a Gateway to Purity Ever Since the Creation of Man

Our Mikvah will Have the Look and Feel of a Modern Luxury Spa

The Mikvah

The observance of Taharat Mishpacha is central to the Jewish people, bringing closeness to G-d and between spouses. Ritual immersion in the Mikvah is a profoundly spiritual time for women, and the process involved should be comfortable and pleasant. Our pristine, discreet Mikvah will have the look and feel of a modern luxury spa, featuring five-star amenities, private waiting areas, and well stocked preparation rooms. Visitors will enjoy a truly relaxing and tranquil experience, and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Convenient options will be made available to book visits in advance, and avoid excessive wait times. The new Mikvah iPhone and Android app will allow for planning ahead without ever making a phone call.

Sefardic Minyan

Many Sephardic Jews consider themselves students of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and believers in Chabad philosophy, but also wish to maintain their own unique culture and melodies. They desire a synagogue that will enable their children to learn the sounds and customs of their grandparents. The Sephardic Minyan at Sola strives to be that synagogue by blending the teachings of the Rebbe with authentic Sephardic traditions.

Chabad Shul

The Torah refers to prayer as “the service of the heart.” Chabad of Sola has demonstrated the meaning of those words to hundreds of Jewish visitors.

The rituals involved in Chasidic prayer empower Jews from all backgrounds to connect with G-d on a more joyous and personal level; expressing themselves through song, dance, and meditative worship.

The Communal Center for Jewish Life will feature a Mikvah, Pre-School and Synagogue, Social Hall, Youth Center and Adult Classes.

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Dedication Opportunities



Name On Building


Women’s Mikvah Wing


Women’s Mikvah Room

$100,000 (sold)

Preparation & Changing Room

$50,000 (2 sold)

Leaf on The Tree of Life

$25,000 / 20 total

Men’s Mikvah Wing


Men’s Mikvah Room



Name On Building


School Name



$ 180,000

Main Lobby


Indoor Play Area

$ 72,000

Dedication of the Entire “Tree of Life”


Classrooms (x4)

$50,000 (1 Sold)

Offices (x2)


Front Door Mezuzah

$18,000 (sold)

Leaf on the Tree of Life (x20)

$10,000 each (3 Sold)

Sponsor A Child’s “Montessori” Education (1 Year)

$14,200 each


Name On Building


Chabad Synagogue


Sefardic Synagogue


Commercial Kitchen


Study Room




Leaf on the Tree of Life

$10,000 each // 20 total

The Eiden Project Location

1627 S La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035-4509