A Women’s Spiritual Wellness Center,
The Expansion of The Jewish Montessori,
A Community Center and Synagogue


Our Story

The Eiden Project is a 501c3 building fund established to support the construction of a spiritual, educational, and social complex for our rapidly growing Pico/Robertson Jewish community. 

Affordable housing opportunities have created a surge of young Jewish families to relocate near South La Cienega; thus, our diverse community continues to blossom. Over the past 9 years, we have established a thriving synagogue with both Chabad and Sephardic Minyanim, founded a successful Jewish Montessori New Learning Center, and outgrown three locations. 

The next phase of our mission, which is well on its way to phase I completion, is to build the most unique, multifaceted Jewish community center in the Greater Los Angeles area - offering an expanded synagogue and preschool, fully functional social hall, and stand-alone Mikvah for women – in one inclusive structure.

Community Center

Our social hall will serve as a treasured cultural center for the Los Angeles community, providing versatile spaces for occasions both large and small. The facility will feature comprehensive services and state-of-the-art amenities, including two fully equipped catering kitchens.


The mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha is central to the Jewish people as its observance brings holiness and purity into the lives of families. Our goal is to erect a discreet and luxurious women’s Mikvah with five-star amenities, integrated with a mobile reservation system

The Jewish Montessori

With over 70 children in attendance and an extensive waiting list, The Jewish Montessori Learning Center (TJM) is renowned for its nurturing environment and innovative approach to education. The TJM staff is dedicated to providing an active setting where children are excited to learn and grow. 

Dedication Opportunities 

1627 S La Cienega Boulevard |  Los Angeles, CA 90035-4509
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Sefardic Minyan

Chabad Shul

Rabbi Avraham Zajac currently heads Chabad of South La Cienega (Sola), and does so with clear leadership. The Sola congregation has outgrown three locations in less than 5 years. Attendance on Shabbat and High Holidays is beyond capacity, and there are no membership due
The Sephardic Minyan has brought acclaimed cantors from around the world to lead Shabbat and high- holiday services. Sephardic supporters of Chabad are able to retain their cultural history, and pass on their beautiful melodies and customs to the next generation. 
*Naming of Women's Mikvah $1,800,000
Women’s Mikvah Entrance / Lobby $250,000 - SOLD  
Women’s Mikvah Room $100,000 SOLD
Naming of Men's Mikvah $770,000
Preparation & Changing Room x5 $50,000 3-SOLD 
Men's Mikvah Room $100,000
 Men's Changing Room $72,000 

*Campus Dedication $5,400,000 
*Name Of Community Center $1,800,000
Social Hall $500,000 - SOLD
Main Lobby - SOLD $100,000
Indoor Kids/Play Area (x2)-1 SOLD $ 72,000
Commercial Kitchen $50,000
Dedication of Entire “Tree of Life” - SOLD $54,000 
Gold Leaf - Tree of Life $18,000 / 20 total
 Silver Leaf - Tree of Life $10,000 / 20 total (5 Sold)
 Copper Leaf - Tree of Life $5,000 / 20 total Rabbi's Office $36,000 Offices (x3) $18,000 

Community Center


The Jewish Montessori

*Naming of School Building $1,800,000 
Playground (x2) $180,000 
Classrooms (x5) $50,000 (5 Sold) 
Mezzanine Staff Room $36,000 
Director's Office $36,000
 Main Office $25,000 SOLD
Front Door Mezuzah $18,000 SOLD 
*These will have the dedication name on the exterior of the building


Chabad Synagogue - $500,000 SOLD
Aron Kodesh & Parochet - Chabad $100,000
 Sefardic Synagogue $500,000
Aron Kodesh & Parochet - Sefardic $72,000 - SOLD 
Shtiebel $500,000 
Aron Kodesh & Parochet - Shtiebel $72,000 
Study Room - $25,000 SOLD